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New Computer Line-up announced

SDR users now have four computers specifically designed and tested, component by component, for optimum performance.

A new computer designed for small operating spaces, RVs, dxpeditions, etc., is available. The Incredible Small-Form-Factor Computer has the power to run Flex-3000s and 1500s with a low power-consumption footprint.

The new "King of the Hill" is The Ultimate Op Computer. This is a crazy-powerful machine, powered by Intel's i7-3930 6-core, 12-hyperthread CPU which blows the lid off of benchmarks. Connect up to 6 monitors and know you have a machine that your son/grandson will tell his friends about!

The premium The Dx'ers Dream Computer is using the Intel i7-2600 CPU, which is the most performant versus cost processor Intel has ever produced. This dream machine will meet all of your needs for many years in the future.

A new Entry Level Computer rounds out the new line-up of SDR computers. Sporting the powerful AMD Phenom II X6 965 4-core CPU, you will comfortably drive all Flex radios at an incredible price.

All systems now use Windows 7 64 bit operating systems.

Spot 1.9.12 enters beta test

Spot version 1.9.12 is available for beta testing. This version fixes the incorrect headings and some small bugs. The main bug remaining is with alarm notifications.

Send email to K3NC if you would like to test!

K3NC Review in Oct., 2008 CQ Magazine

Read Neal's review of the fantastic Flex-Radio Systems Flex-5000a transceiver in the October 2007 CQ Magazine or download a pdf version from the Flex-Radio website (click here).

Neal Campbell, K3NC, Receives Software Excellence Award.

On May 17, 2008 at the FlexRadio Banquet and Forum held at the Dayton Hamvention, a Flexi Award was presented to Neal Campbell, K3NC, in honor of providing services and solutions to all Flex Radio operators. Flex-Radio stated that Flexi award were given to people who recognized an opportunity to unselfishly give of themselves a knowledge or skill that advanced the cause of software defined radio and benefited the FlexRadio community as a whole. You can read more about the Flexi awards on the FlexRadio web page at this URL: http://www.flex-radio.com/Users.aspx?topic=flexies.


A virtual Y cable, for Windows platforms, makes connecting amateur radio programs to each other possible. Go to download page for version 1. If you are a PowerSDR user, use K5FR's DDUtil program.


DXBase was the first and still K3NC is the best solution to meet your QSO management goals. The customization of reports and labels is without equal.


DXBase Features
SDR Computers

A wide selection of hardware and software options give you the best systen for SDR operation.

See Systems
Spot video tour
K3NC takes you on a video tour that shows how Spot harnesses the power of DXClusters for your DX'ing goals.
See screencast


New computer systems unveiled on store!

Dayton Celebratory Discounts are posted!

Go to the store and take a look. http://www.abrohamnealsoftware.com/products.php?cat=10

The first thing you might notice is that there are now 4 systems instead of 3. I have wanted to introduce a lower-power consumption, small-form-factor computer for a while and have finally done it. The Incredible Small-Form-Factor Computer is in a case just a bit smaller than a Flex-5000. It has an Intel i5-2400S processor which is really powerful (I use it in some commercial systems I sell) It has 8GB of memory, 750GB of disk storage and a great 1394 adapter.

The second thing you might notice is that the original product, the Low-Cost SDR Computer, is no more. Replacing the Low-cost computer is the New Entry-Level computer. It is closer in performance to the previous "Medium" system, at a reduced price. Using a very nice Antec Gaming case, it has the AMD X4 965 powerhouse CPU, 8GB of memory, ASUS motherboard, 500GB SATA 6GB disk drive, as well as the popular ham software already installed and configured. Windows 7 Home Premium x64 is the operating system.

The Premium system has been renamed to the DX-er's Dream System, as its what we all should dream is sitting in the shack! Intel's i7-2600 4-core and 8 hyper threaded CPU is the engine for this machine. This CPU is easily the most cost-versus-performance CPU that Intel has ever made and the benchmark for any other CPU they produce. This computer comes with 16GB of memory, a 120GB system drive and a 500GB SARA 6GB hard drive for storage.A water-cooled CPU cooler provides quiet and cool operating conditions for the cpu. A very clean 650 watt power supply provides the energy for this dream. The operating system is Windows 7 Pro x64.

Finally, the new "King of the Hill" is The Ultimate Op Computer. This one is just plain crazy in terms of performance. Its the top-of-the-line, best computer on the market, period. If you must have the best, this is it! Intel's i7-3930 6-core, 12 hyper threaded CPU just blows the CPU benchmarks apart! It has a 240GB solid state drive, a 450GB 10,000RPM hard drive. A major improvement is the addition of the ASUS Xonar 7.1 Channel sound card, which is as clean as you will find. The HD7970 graphics card can support 6 monitors if you so desire! There are no options because it already has them all (extended warranty, 1 year of remote support by K3NC, serial ports, etc. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 is the operating system.

A final change you will nice is that I have made the 3-year warranty of the computers an option instead of being standard (for additional charge.) The new computers (not including the Ultimate Op computer) now have a 1 year warranty. The competition isn't providing 3 year warranties and to compete with them on-cost (especially since I pay shipping costs both ways and they do not), I am forced to make it my standard. The Ultimate Op computer comes with the extended 3 year warranty as part of its price. All previous machines sold with a 3 year warranty will continue to have that commitment.

Dayton discounts last through the end of May. My customer backlog is minimal right now but the delay between charging your credit card and shipment will be 3-6 weeks. Each system is built at the time of your order so I do not have to sell inventory machines while I want to introduce new ones.


DXBase Main Screen

DXbase for Microsoft Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/NT

Abroham Neal Software. is pleased to offer our latest evolution in quality logging software for the 32 bit Windows operating system.  Packed with the latest technology, DXbase brings you the largest set of features ever offered, in a rock solid professional product.  Integrate VHF PacketCluster™, Internet Cluster, CW, and HF radio simultaneously.  Let the DXbase Wizard prepare data for labels and user designed reports.  Use the Label/Report graphical design module to create your own labels, QSL cards, and reports with drag and drop technology that you'll only see in DXbase.  Instant display of statistics for worked/confirmed, award submission, and tremendous flexibility to modify the screen displays, are but a few of the comprehensive capabilities designed into DXbase.

Some of the Feature Categories    

  • Uses the Microsoft Access 97 Jet Database Engine for reliability and easy access to your data from other programs.
  • Simultaneous VHF and Internet Cluster with auto alerts for needed countries
  • Graphical design module for creating your own labels, QSL cards, along with dozens of ready to use samples.  Share label and report designs with other DXbase 2000 users.
  • DXCC, WAZ, WAS, IOTA, VUCC, WPX , 10-10 award tracking.  Two user defined fields in the log can be used for award tracking as well.
  • Internal address database that you can modify plus interface to RAC, QRZ, and Buckmaster.
  • CW from the keyboard, includes character at a time, line at a time, and stored messages all with the click of a button.
  • Configure the colors, fonts, and screen position.  Dockable and moveable toolbars including ability to modify the buttons on toolbars to create your own.
  • DXbase Wizard allows for extracting records from your QSO log based on dozens of push button filter criteria.  Automatically create labels for these records too.
  • Uses sound card for audible alerts with separate sounds for VHF and Internet cluster interface.  Includes sound files for YL, OM, and CW announcements.
  • Interface with most late model ICOM, Kenwood, Yaesu, and TenTec HF radios.
  • All fields in the log can be automatically populated just be entering the callsign.   Fields are validated and many contain drop down boxes so you can easily select the correct entry when manually logging a QSO.
  • Automatic display of all previous QSOs with a station.
  • Automated rotor support for most Sartek, M2, Hygain, Prosistel, and Yaesu rotors.  You can interface to the ARSWIN rotor software too.
  • Direct interface to the Golist QSL manager database product.
  • One of a kind dual band plan mapping for pin point accuracy in logging all the new digital modes.
  • Full Features PSK module with direct logging with one button click.
  • Supports the K1EL Winkey and also the W5XD Multiport+ external CW keyer for perfect CW in a Windows environment.
  • Access to internet address sites for QSL information lookups.
  • User defined field order for the QSO log.
  • Display grayline and world maps through the interface to DX Atlas.
  • Auto selection between two radios and two rotors when clicking a DX spot.
  • Automatic alerts for needed IOTAs from a DX spot.

Written in strict compliance with industry standard programming techniques, you'll enjoy the quality of DXbase the moment you start it up.  For your convenience, we've included information about selected features on this page of the web, but if you want to see for yourself all the screens, functionality, and more, download the DXbase on line help file.  We think you'll agree with the thousands of other DXbase users, that DXbase is clearly the best and most complete logging software in the world.

Download the 15 day trial by clicking here.


 Screenshots of DXBase in action!

  Main Screen
  QSO Logging
  Packet Interface
  QSL Card Designer
  Label Designer
  DX Atlas Interface
  GoList Interface
  On-line Help
  Gray Line
  Numeric Statistics
  Award Tracking
  Event Tracking
  Address Interfaces
  Charts and Graphs
  HF Radio Interface
  Rotor Interface
  Previous QSOs
  Realtime Status Info
  Keyboard CW
  Multiple Logs
  Contest Mode
  Report Capabilities
  Prefix Databases
  Record Filtering
  QSO Filtering
  PSK Interface