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Abroham Neal Software Purchases DXBase

Jack Lennox and Neal Campbell announce sale of DXBase on August 20, 2009.

Scientific Solutions, Inc. of Woodstock, GA has sold the rights and source code of DXBase to Abroham Neal Software.

In an email to all DXBase customers, Jack Lennox, CEO of Scientific Solutio1ns, said,"I wanted to let you know that we have completed the transfer of ownership for all rights to DXbase and we are in the process of getting the new owner on board... I can tell you that he brings a tremendous amount of expert programming knowledge, ham knowledge, and has been involved in many other ham related software activities."

Neal Campbell, CEO of Abroham Neal Software said in his first comment to the DXBase user base, "I am so proud to be at the helm of DXBase, thanks to Jack for deciding to give me the opportunity and, of course, establishing such a high level of professionalism over the years. I started out as a DXBase user back in the DOS days and its amazing to see the growth that has occurred since then."

To learn more about DXBase, click here.

To purchase DXBase, click here

Spot 1.9.10 Released on 14 February 2009.

This release is a bug release, fixing a collection of bugs reported over the past month. One major change is the removal of the automatic update feature. The library I was using did not work as well as I wanted and I felt it was annoying people so it has been removed. I will be re-writing this function over the next few weeks.

K3NC Review in Oct., 2008 CQ Magazine

Read Neal's review of the fantastic Flex-Radio Systems Flex-5000a transceiver in the October 2007 CQ Magazine or download a pdf version from the Flex-Radio website (click here).

Neal Campbell, K3NC, Receives Software Excellence Award.

On May 17, 2008 at the FlexRadio Banquet and Forum held at the Dayton Hamvention, a Flexi Award was presented to Neal Campbell, K3NC, in honor of providing services and solutions to all Flex Radio operators. Flex-Radio stated that Flexi award were given to people who recognized an opportunity to unselfishly give of themselves a knowledge or skill that advanced the cause of software defined radio and benefited the FlexRadio community as a whole. You can read more about the Flexi awards on the FlexRadio web page at this URL: http://www.flex-radio.com/Users.aspx?topic=flexies.


A desktop program that allows full control of LDG Electronic's RTS-6 coax switch. A version for the RTS-4, called LDG4Switch, is also available.

Our Product Portfolio

Spot, the intelligent DXCluster Client for OS X

Spot sets the standard for data mining the most out of using a DXCluster for finding and working DX stations.

For more information, click here.

To download Spot, click here.


virtuallY is a Windows-based program to allow port sharing of transceiver CAT information with two other serial ports. This version is an interim one and does not have very smooth error handling or user interface. Therefore, this version is free but a new version is quickly approaching!

To dowload virtuallY, click here.

To download the user documentation, click here.

All software products are covered by the standard license agreement for Abroham Neal Software. Click here to view the ANSW license.

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